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  • The 9th Planet
    The 9th Planet15 hours ago

    I have the feeling you were the only one who thought Dottie was gonna be something more.

  • Jeff Erckert
    Jeff Erckert15 hours ago

    Sorry, not sorry to the Fox X-Men fans (or just Evan Peters' Quicksilver fans). I'm SO happy that Evan Peters literally played nobody! I'm so glad his one-trick pony show is staying buried. They even made him Ralph, who was teased all season but was also a nobody. They were the same nobody lol. This was just brilliant stunt casting and the most EPIC troll by Kevin Feige to answer the question of whether he'll ever bring any of the Fox X-Men characters into his MCU. This was his version of, "FUCK NO!"

  • Ekana Stone
    Ekana Stone15 hours ago

    He has the bobby pin on him because he does close up magic now.

  • Lemuel James
    Lemuel James15 hours ago

    Wanda could take on Thanos’ whole army now.

  • Darthmaster52
    Darthmaster5215 hours ago

    Unlike the mandarin he was being told to the world he was the mandarin but Evan was just a puppet he wasn't being set up to be foxs quicksilver and that would screw up the x-men time once again so yeah but the bohner joke come on that's the best you got?

  • Concepcion30
    Concepcion3015 hours ago

    I don't know, the finale felt a little anti-climactic probably cause there were so many loose ends that didn't get tied up, which we knew would happen. If this show really was simply to set up future MCU movies (and get people to subscribe to Disney+) then it did its job. I don't see how they would do a season two unless they need further tie-ins between movies yet to come.

  • Leo
    Leo15 hours ago

    I really liked this episode and the whole show but I was hoping it ended in a bigger way setting up Spiderman 3 and Multiverse and I feel kinda let down with senior Scratchy, Dottie, Ralph, and Evan Peters

  • Von Stuben
    Von Stuben15 hours ago

    Good thing I’m both a Wanda and MCU stan. I’m glad that WandaVision was a smaller kick off because to me, it gets me WAY more excited to see the other movies :)

  • Mr. RaiderNation
    Mr. RaiderNation15 hours ago

    Hi 👋, Nice shirt.

  • Dante Butler
    Dante Butler15 hours ago

    I see a little bit of Magneto in the new costume.

  • L13mtz
    L13mtz15 hours ago


  • GoofyGE3K
    GoofyGE3K15 hours ago

    I wonder if Ralph was the Witness protection guy and will be back later

  • Cereal Killer
    Cereal Killer15 hours ago

    Ralph was Agatha's boy toy ;)

  • Reggie Turner
    Reggie Turner15 hours ago

    Movie was rates G. Not good to me.

  • shelbypink1
    shelbypink115 hours ago

    I really love this show, but the Evan Peter's thing really makes me mad. Like if your gonna go the multiverse route, then why would you bring in Evan Peter's Quicksilver and not do anything with it. I wouldn't even have to be like a direct explanation. Like just do a end credit scene or something with Quicksilver that hints at him being from the Fox universe. I don't get why Kevin Feige would think that would be a good idea. It was a big mistake, and it really annoys me.

  • DylanJ7
    DylanJ715 hours ago

    Does anybody else think that The Scarlet Witch is a separate entity from Wanda, as we seen in the after credits scene. What if Wanda’s Chaos Magic turned her grief into a clone in the form of The Scarlet Witch. That would mean Wanda and The Scarlet Witch would be separate and allow Elizabeth Olsen to be the hero and villain at the same time.

  • Paige w
    Paige w15 hours ago

    Can someone explain to me why hex vision can't exist outside of the hex? Because he's not just a figment of her imagination, he's literally flesh and blood (so to speak), with apparently a real mind stone and real vibranium. So why can't he go outside?

  • Th3Fr3m
    Th3Fr3m15 hours ago

    Photon is absorbing kinetic energy, another form of energy that can be manipulated. So we can associate yellow with kinetic energy.

  • Cereal Killer
    Cereal Killer15 hours ago

    I want more!! In my opinion we needed hour long episodes. They did troll us with the theories. I loved Wandas Scarlet Witch costume!!

  • Michael Perry
    Michael Perry15 hours ago

    $40 bux for premiere, f-that! Ridiculous

  • 3166 Stargazer
    3166 Stargazer15 hours ago

    But how this connects to the Doctor strange 2 ??

  • 3166 Stargazer
    3166 Stargazer15 hours ago

    The two vision scene was so great..

  • Craig S.
    Craig S.15 hours ago

    Three-quarters of the show was good and the spectacle at the end was good enough for the payoff....but all the easter-eggs/hints, Evan Peters being a nobody, the real actors trolling and hyping the show above and beyond its bounds and promise of cameos that never came? That's honestly just kinda leaves ya feeling horribly misdirected and cheated. I agree, Grace...this was a rare misstep for Feige and Marvel Studios. Way way too much blatant teasing for what was ultimately delivered.

  • Andrew Yorke
    Andrew Yorke15 hours ago

    Will not be watching Reboot superman trash

  • Tim Johnson
    Tim Johnson15 hours ago

    Does anyone have a problem that Monica was trying to justify Wanda's actions?

  • don mega dj
    don mega dj15 hours ago

    Oh no please dont make a 3.part 2 was hard to watch,1 was a classic done and dusted

  • Two Theatre Kids And A Band Kid Walk Into A Room
    Two Theatre Kids And A Band Kid Walk Into A Room15 hours ago

    I think it's still Fox's Quicksilver because who knows maybe he even tried to make his own life away from the X men

  • JGaming
    JGaming15 hours ago

    At least Justice League looks pretty cool though, right?!

  • awsmwhite951
    awsmwhite95115 hours ago

    I’m positive he is the fox’s quicksilver. He’s the one in witness protection because he’s from a different reality, I’m guessing. I think He picked the name Ralph bohner. Or that name was just in the hex, everyone had different names, why should he be any different?

    RICHARD JACOBS15 hours ago

    MCU played "Cry Wolf" too many times with the Wandavision finale. It would have been fine if not for the 5 or 6 teases that went nowhere. When you do that, you lose trust. Falling flat is not a twist. It's fooling the audience for the sake of it. Despite being hamfisted, EVEN The Rise of Skywalker gave some answers to questions that were teased (except how Maz got the lightsaber). This was a "gotcha" for the sake of gotcha and that is NOT the style of MCU. If they do that with another show or movie, they will lose audience trust quickly.

  • Grizmeyer
    Grizmeyer15 hours ago

    I kept trying to tell people, the X-men aren't showing up here. It would break the storytelling. You maybe tease that, but otherwise it sucks the oxygen out of the room for the characters that are here. It's a Wanda & Vision story. But the teases they did do at the end were kinda lame. Surprisingly muted for the MCU

  • KalphaO
    KalphaO15 hours ago

    "Look at the crotch on that thing." Take it easy Grace 😂

  • Danny Blau
    Danny Blau15 hours ago

    I would one hundy watch a buddy comedy of Ralph Bohner and Trevor Slatery.

  • Siansonea Orande
    Siansonea Orande15 hours ago

    The Quicksilver Dilemma: The Hex reality was still in place when Evan Peters' character name was dropped. Whoever he is, he's not "Ralph Bohner" any more than Dottie was Dottie, or Monica herself was "Geraldine". The Hex gave everyone a NEW identity, so Evan Peters might STILL actually be 'multiverse Quicksilver', though not necessarily the exact version from the Fox movies. And considering how absurd the continuity is in the Fox movies, every Fox movie has to be considered its own universe. So Evan Peters could be any of those versions of Peter/Pietro Maximoff, or he could be from another universe altogether, though one more closely related to the Fox universes than the current MCU universe. I would even put the first Iron Man movie and the Universal Incredible Hulk movie in separate universes than the current one, due to the recasting of Rhodey and Banner. Easy way to resolve continuity issues, so why not use it.

  • Craig Blum
    Craig Blum15 hours ago

    I can tell you liked the movie, but based on how you described it I would never want to watch it. Instead of Being like Coming to America, it sounds like Blackish with a (bad) Adam Sandler influence. No way I would watch this movie at all after your review.

  • Alan D
    Alan D15 hours ago

    I'm so glad Evan Peters is just a normal dude. Once you legitimize one Fox X-Men character, you legitimize all of them. No Thanks. Clean slate, Clean Slate!

  • Lax Murdock
    Lax Murdock15 hours ago

    Wanda Maximoff will be a redemptive arc of a villain (even if unintentional) becoming a real hero and not a descent into true villainy "no more mutants" like the comics

  • TrueKoalaKnight
    TrueKoalaKnight15 hours ago

    The line with Wanda thanking the boys for choosing her is implying that they have souls and are more than just magical constructs.

  • Hillside Comics
    Hillside Comics15 hours ago

    Wanda stans: It's your fault for having too many theories Me: I expect nothing and I'm still let down

  • BklynBabe
    BklynBabe15 hours ago

    Between WW84 and WandaVision, I'm a bit in my feels... Can we not get a happily ever after?

  • L X
    L X15 hours ago

    I understand why people are upset with Evan Peter’s reveal but I’m actually extremely relieved! I did not want any Fox X-Men coming over to the main MCU.

  • Mark Labella
    Mark Labella15 hours ago

    I still loved it

  • TrueKoalaKnight
    TrueKoalaKnight15 hours ago

    Also, has anyone mentioned that Agatha seems to have a power besides her spellcasting? Magic draining. What's that about?

  • amanofreviews 2020
    amanofreviews 202015 hours ago

    Wanky VFX???

  • Elie Victor Soffer
    Elie Victor Soffer15 hours ago

    Is undeniable the comparison between Raya and Korra and this story could easily be inserted into the Avatar's world. Also the animation is impeccable and very beautiful! It could become a tv series that I would definitely watch!

  • uosdwiSrdewoH
    uosdwiSrdewoH15 hours ago

    That's very unfortunate for those who haven't seen Happy Endings because it's an amazing show. The first season is a little uneven but the other two are brilliant,

  • tom thorn
    tom thorn15 hours ago

    GRACE!!! Do you have any tea on the two films tom holland signed on for? It seems one has a lot in common with the movie Primal Fear and his part has a lot in common eww with Edward Nortans character in the movie. This sounds like a really bad idea!

  • Fry Philip
    Fry Philip15 hours ago

    Wanda got away with possessing a town but Captain America and Iron men got away with a lot more

  • Ethan Puente
    Ethan Puente15 hours ago

    I think it would be good to remember that Thor says Magic is Science that we just can’t explain they are one in the same!

  • TrueKoalaKnight
    TrueKoalaKnight15 hours ago

    If Fietro has speed powers, and if he really is the missing witness, could he possibly be an MCU version of Speed Demon?

  • Ibrahima Traore
    Ibrahima Traore15 hours ago

    I'm not a Wandastan but I didn't mind Evan Peter being used for a Bohner joke because I honestly don't want the fox X men in the mcu.

  • Jay Banks
    Jay Banks15 hours ago

    Elizabeth Olsen actually never said that though..

  • Estep Rants about Politics
    Estep Rants about Politics15 hours ago

    You sure do look and sound like a witch.

  • I. P.
    I. P.15 hours ago

    Am I the only one who really, really liked it???

  • Mitra
    Mitra15 hours ago

    Ralph Bohner is the witness protection guy Woo was looking for, and really IS Quicksilver. Yea, lets just go with that theory so I dont have to throw things at the screen

  • Rodney Dollar
    Rodney Dollar15 hours ago

    Grace will you have Raya Spoiler review coming hopefully

  • Aranza Delgado
    Aranza Delgado15 hours ago

    I’m still watching the movie and I decide if I like it or not just depends on the people don’t watch reviews and say okay not gonna watch it because is says it’s bad movie. Watch it yourself and decide if you like it or not depends on you guys not the reviews

  • Esteban Miranda
    Esteban Miranda15 hours ago

    Grace screaming “no the Buick” is why I woke up to watch today lmao

  • uosdwiSrdewoH
    uosdwiSrdewoH15 hours ago

    I know exactly where the Kevin Feige thing came from. I tweeted about it weeks ago. He said the whole series was 6 hours long but he was of course counting the entire runtime including credits and whoever it was calculated the series to that point with no credits. It was at that point I made the decision to stop watching Wandavision. The hype machine was getting too out of control. The theories were making it impossible to enjoy the series on it's own merits without expecting the biggest thing in the world to happen every week. Reed Richards was never going to be in the show but everyone had decided he was. So I cut myself off. Now that the series is over I'm watching the last 3 episodes. Avoiding spoilers to a show like this is next to impossible. I had to stay off the internet for a day or two after each airing and be prepared for any spoiler like thumbnails. So now I can go in with relatively even expectations.

  • Patrick Maberry
    Patrick Maberry15 hours ago

    Yeah they should had put Raya between Wanda and Falcon and the winter soldier...I watch Wanda over night, will watch Raya later today

  • Josiah
    Josiah15 hours ago

    Thanks so much grace! that is dedication at the beginning of your video it was dark out and by the end the sun had already risen!!

  • TechRyze
    TechRyze15 hours ago

    DARKNESS EVERYBODY, DARKNESS! That was before Wesley Snipes... 😂

  • Mauricio Graham
    Mauricio Graham15 hours ago

    I totally missed the second end credit scene and now I feel satisfied because I wanted something leading into her causing a mess in the future.

  • dana black
    dana black15 hours ago

    <grace really hates brie larson lol...she takes a swipe at her any chance she gets.....'such as wanda is the most powerful avenger now' even though white vision almost crashed her head ..or could've just snapped her next easily...>

  • Ash Richards
    Ash Richards15 hours ago

    AMAZNG series finale! Served visuals, acting, epic fights, acting- and most importantly filled in the gaps between movies! CLASSIC

  • NyX
    NyX15 hours ago

    The scene of Agetha getting tricked reminded me of Green Lantern when Hal gave up his ring.

  • Joseph
    Joseph15 hours ago

    The actors talking about fan theories and pushing them and adding to them seems like a big marketing plot to me. Actors plant seeds that fans pick up on then Fans drive interest, which in turn creates buzz and that buzz gets the casual viewers attention. And it’s the casual viewer tuning in, the non-fan, that gets you the big viewership and the big bucks.

  • gotta go FAST jr
    gotta go FAST jr15 hours ago

    But you cant lie for Kevin’s first MCU canon show and to start start of phase 4 it was pretty good

  • Chandra Wijaya
    Chandra Wijaya15 hours ago

    I don't know why, But I'm sure fietro/ ralph is still have a twist. may be that will reveal in Doctor Strange 2

  • Spam Apricot
    Spam Apricot15 hours ago

    ...pietro..."no more ___"... multiverse...photon not getting to join the fight :|

  • F. O. R. JR.
    F. O. R. JR.15 hours ago


  • NyX
    NyX15 hours ago

    Agetha got Trolled as hard as we did

  • Tirth Vaishnav
    Tirth Vaishnav15 hours ago

    Doctor Strange theory - he must have sensed things happening but may have chosen to stay out of it because of what it may hold for the future.

  • Adu Adadey
    Adu Adadey15 hours ago

    Marvel does like to troll in their movies so i guess why not here 🤷🏾‍♂️...although with the depth of this show the Fietro moment was a bit misplaced and too hijinxy still not a big deal. If it’s a character send off...ok sure, if they tie him into the multiverse later cool otherwise let it go🥶

  • Amber Leigh
    Amber Leigh15 hours ago

    I actually think that the second after credit of Wanda in the cabin could very well be a scene from Dr. Strange 2. Similar to the after credit of Thor in Dr. Strange that was then a scene in Ragnorock. I think that might be the direct connecting piece between the show and the upcoming movie.

  • TrueKoalaKnight
    TrueKoalaKnight15 hours ago

    Did we even really get Monica's contact? Her contact is a "he", the woman she met with to get the vehicle didn't even know her.

  • abestream5
    abestream515 hours ago

    Parts of this video feel like Grace was a hostage to Disney and mcu fans, subverted expectations have been universally panned in other franchises and it was bullshit here too.

  • Tirth Vaishnav
    Tirth Vaishnav15 hours ago

    I'm a Wanda-stan and an MCU-stan! And I loved it. The fact the we went off the rails has nothing to do with Marvel trolling us. This was a fantastic series, so refreshing. Marvel is all about planning ahead, and WandaVision does exactly that, while giving us such amazing character arcs! Faithfulness to Marvel is well earned and very well rewarded!

  • Jeffrey Obi
    Jeffrey Obi15 hours ago

    If past MCU films have taught me anything, it's this: HANG ON TO FAN THEORIES AT YOUR OWN PERIL!

  • Caleb Sandorf
    Caleb Sandorf15 hours ago

    Most of this episode was filmed this last fall after the production shutdown, which is probably why the CGI isn’t as refined as in the rest of the series