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  • Sabrina Lozar
    Sabrina Lozar19 minutes ago

    Unfortunately we are so used to movies having these twists that I was able to quickly find one of the two twists featured in this story. The second surprise I could not anticipate just because I thought they would not dare to go there. It didn't bore me at all. It is not a movie that I would recommend but it is not the disaster that Grace found it to be.

  • Determined Veteran
    Determined Veteran19 minutes ago

    Ma’am , The multiple overlapping parts of the story could throw some off , I had no clue it was a comic before watching so I enjoyed how they did it .... but like I said the over lapping story arcs could potentially throw some off

  • Brandon Lee
    Brandon Lee27 minutes ago

    This movie was terrible...

  • Luecis Turner
    Luecis Turner27 minutes ago

    This was good, but ive seen Jolie and Bernthal in much better and more badass roles. Heres an idea, put those two in a Mr and Mrs Smith TV series. They would do better than what we got with that Pitt guy. Jolie is just coming back and in a slow manor but i hope she goes far.

  • straightedgeveganbel
    straightedgeveganbel44 minutes ago

    Omg seriously!? I absolutely loved every minute of this movie. (Did not read the book)

  • jrosehistory
    jrosehistoryHour ago

    Thank you for the recommendation Grace! I watched all the episodes in one sitting it is was so good I could not stop watching it. Ewan McGregor was fantastic and I loved Bill Pullman. Such a great watch. Thank you so much Grace for letting me know about this it has had me looking at 1970s fashions all day. I remember Halston fashions I would wear all of his clothes today. 💗😊

  • ScorpioDan 80
    ScorpioDan 80Hour ago

    I just started watching this. But my first thought it.. “Is this a Rear Window Remake? Grace will def have something to say “ I’ll be back when I finish to watch

  • Arnettra Baker
    Arnettra BakerHour ago

    Of course I Googled the pictures. But I’m excited to see this , I enjoy Halston’s clothes and Ewan McGregor is a fantastic actor.

  • Existential Ghost
    Existential GhostHour ago

    The whole time I was just thinking "did the thing that turn creatures into monsters make the dog smarter..."

  • Mr D
    Mr DHour ago

    Thanks for your honesty. Some movies just aren't worth the effort. BUT there is a movie you haven't reviewed yet. A24's The Green Knight. Been waiting for it to come out for over a year thanks to covid. but they just released a new trailer. Grace you gotta check it out and tell people.

  • Burhan Altuntas
    Burhan AltuntasHour ago

    is this movie good or not good ?

  • Jessica Jones
    Jessica Jones2 hours ago

    Loved this movie, but I feel a little like it promised 1 thing that it never delivered on. I don't want to spoil it here, and I am so glad to see Jolie get back to her roots. Literally had to hobble her in order to make it a fair assemble, lol.

  • The Al Show
    The Al Show2 hours ago

    The exec merry go round.


    Loved this movie

  • Renee Benson
    Renee Benson2 hours ago

    Cole young I loved him even though he is no where is in the series but its definitely possabilty... chan Tatum or ryan Reynolds would be a great johnny cage

  • Josh Loves Movies
    Josh Loves Movies3 hours ago

    It was like if Netflix made a Lifetime movie!

  • Brett Crandall
    Brett Crandall3 hours ago

    Watched it last night and DID NOT vibe with this movie. Grace’s Rear Window breakdown is perfect, and this movie giving nods to it cheapens this mess.

  • nancykerrigan
    nancykerrigan3 hours ago

    4:29 LANGUAGE!!!

  • Cashus King
    Cashus King3 hours ago

    I found the film generic and predictable. There was nothing innovative or fresh about the concept, just the same ole same we've seen a million times.

  • American Paisa Returns
    American Paisa Returns3 hours ago

    So what were the secrets that they were trying to cover up?

  • Undying Lullaby
    Undying Lullaby3 hours ago

    Carnage looks way wicked in this than in any of the video games and TV shows.😱😱🤣🤣

  • American Paisa Returns
    American Paisa Returns3 hours ago

    Pointless movie.

  • JordanzArt
    JordanzArt3 hours ago

    This video came out forever ago I know, but I've got to say it...Watch Battlestar Galactica. Like, ASAP. It's free on Tubi and Peacock, and OH MY WORD!!! I'm just now wrapping up season 2, but it's already one of my favorite shows. I started watching it because Katee Sackhoff plays Bo-Katan...I'm glad I did. Now I'm not going to be able to watch Mando season 3 without yelling "Starbuck!!!" every time Bo-Katan is onscreen XD But seriously, it's intense, riveting, well written, and the acting is the bomb. About 20 minutes into the first part of the miniseries and I was hooked.

  • kris sannicks
    kris sannicks3 hours ago

    This was a good but predictable movie. Well worth a watch. I try never to listen to reviews. They like humans are always flawed and served with personal opinion, and an agenda.

  • Caleb Small
    Caleb Small3 hours ago

    I loved this movie actually. Had great twists and turns in my opinion

  • hblaub
    hblaub3 hours ago

    Good points. But the 1920's stuff was too long for my taste. I would rather have liked to see the father-son-conflict and several other plot points.

  • Gui
    Gui3 hours ago

    No one is acknowledging that Disney is releasing a completely own Cruise line? Hello? It's 2021, cruise ships are one of the worst polluters, this endless capitalism and expansion with no end has to end

  • Ruairi McGoldrick
    Ruairi McGoldrick3 hours ago

    Grace keeps saying incredible and interesting and beautiful during this but the only words I’d use to describe most things are traumatic or horrible or shocking 😵 I was constantly stunned at the darkness of this whole season

  • Clinton Kildepsteen
    Clinton Kildepsteen3 hours ago

    Please do a sequel to Salt

  • Jason Wexler
    Jason Wexler3 hours ago

    45 days is too long... keep doing day and date.

  • ricky roach
    ricky roach3 hours ago

    The unreliable protagonist trope was very well done but the ending was so sped up that made the movie lackluster

  • hola man boy
    hola man boy3 hours ago

    WWE is the Best

  • hola man boy
    hola man boy3 hours ago

    WWE is the Best

  • Jacob Van Ness
    Jacob Van Ness3 hours ago

    The book isn’t very good either, no matter what anyone tells you. It’s an amalgamation of several other stories done before it. The author has also been embroiled in accusations of plagiarism since the very beginning.

  • reveluv
    reveluv4 hours ago

    loved the movie

  • Ruairi McGoldrick
    Ruairi McGoldrick4 hours ago

    I just binged this in one day and came right here for the breakdown. I’m shocked and proud of myself that I predicted omni mans reason for killing the guardians so exactly at the end of episode 1, only because I’m never that spot on 😂

  • RJ
    RJ4 hours ago

    Checked it out today at a theater in Royal Oak, Michigan. Had a blast! First time in a theater since around March 2020 😲. Forgot how important surround sound is to the movie experience, wow.

  • Lea Frydman
    Lea Frydman4 hours ago

    Why is the hell are you yelling at me... Don't need to yell to get your point across... if you are going to be a movie reviewer the least you can do is watch all the movie... I don't need your BS

  • Erne Geo
    Erne Geo4 hours ago

    The book wasn't good either... But the movie is worse. At least Amy Adams performance made it watchable

  • Sean Ward
    Sean Ward4 hours ago

    Re: the vax discussion - anyone who hasn't figured out by now that it's all theater and has a single drop of faith in the integrity of elected officials is beyond any kind of help at this stage

  • Arman Ranjbar
    Arman Ranjbar4 hours ago

    For zatanna you can have male characters like Dr fate and her father Zatara who misfortunately becomes the next dr fate. I would also have a flashback or just a regular scene with zatanna and zatara watching the flying graysons

  • Triple -A
    Triple -A4 hours ago

    Honestly i'd give it a 7.5/10, it's a pretty decent film with a great performance from Amy Adams and the cinematography looks gorgeous 😍

  • Big Daddy T
    Big Daddy T4 hours ago

    In all honesty, I don't fully know how I feel about this show. I didn't hate it, but I can't really say I was entertained either. And astonishingly I was actually more interested in the flashback plot than the present day plot(and even that plot seemed to meander a little too much. And if I never hear the word "code" again I'll be fine with that lol

  • fortunateizzi
    fortunateizzi4 hours ago

    I feel about Vertigo the way you feel about Rear Window. First saw it in a screen studies class and it had a major impact on me.

  • Tech&Travel Hines Edventures
    Tech&Travel Hines Edventures5 hours ago

    Felt like it was missing a third act versus Tyler Perry’s character

  • Tech&Travel Hines Edventures
    Tech&Travel Hines Edventures5 hours ago

    I felt the villains were a little to smart in detecting where things were and how they were ahead of the protagonist

  • oneloveonebeing
    oneloveonebeing5 hours ago

    For me either doing day and date Premier access or do the 70 day window. Give people the option

  • Orionsbelt
    Orionsbelt5 hours ago

    But the book is awful, there isn’t practically any changes. I liked the movie better.

  • UselessNutt
    UselessNutt5 hours ago

    In my opinion sure fatws was the bigger and more known show but invincible IMO was the better show to watch

  • Otaku Senpai
    Otaku Senpai5 hours ago

    is she still the most beautiful Hollywood actress?

  • TS Xtina
    TS Xtina5 hours ago

    Does this movie have anything to do with Edward G Robinson's and Joan Bennett 1944 version?

  • Rockerdude17
    Rockerdude175 hours ago

    I had no idea that grace didn’t like Liza Minnelli and I’ve been watching this channel for almost a decade. When did I miss the beef ? Haha😂

  • white kid
    white kid6 hours ago

    I watched it last night and i enjoyed it thought it was a good movie

  • Daniel Bauzá
    Daniel Bauzá6 hours ago

    Pleaseee share your film-school paper on Rear Window !!! I’m sure many of us would LOVE to read it

  • Jane Choy
    Jane Choy6 hours ago

    It's a better looking movie than Hillbilly Elegy and I did think the first 2 acts were good tension. That last third though just went down the toilet.....

  • Craig Barron
    Craig Barron6 hours ago

    It wasn't the connection with Wyatt. He auditioned to be Captain America before Evans agreed to do it.

  • Bla Bla
    Bla Bla6 hours ago

    Quo Vadis Aida deserved that Oscar. Such a shame voters didn’t watch every movie on that list. It speaks volume about Oscars and how much of an irrelevant award it is. Another Round won ONLY because of the director and the actor that’s in it. Also Grace I am extremely disappointed with you because of your bias and I know damn well you didn’t even watch every movie in the international category.

  • futuramayeah
    futuramayeah6 hours ago

    that Cdc director is carazay , the vaccine isn't even a vaccine, Dr. Fauci said it's foreign dna that is introduced into you to get your immune system buzzing so that when you do encounter the virus, your immune system will already be on, like it's not on already? and that doesn't mean that you can't transmit it. so if you get the shot and then get it, and not wear a mask and cough in a theater , that's a hundred more cases you've created.

  • bob mathis-friedman
    bob mathis-friedman6 hours ago

    I do recall Halston; then again, I'm almost 60

  • futuramayeah
    futuramayeah6 hours ago

    this might sound controversial but maybe only do movies in a theater for two weeks, that would give more movies chances to be in theaters in a normal non virus world. but also that would get the movies to dvd and disney plus whathave you quicker

  • futuramayeah
    futuramayeah6 hours ago

    also if people aren't going to see a movie within two weeks of it coming out, what are the chances of them deciding to see it? unless they are stretching out the movies' stay in theaters so that people can sprinkle there visits to not be in a crowded theater?

  • Eric Inman
    Eric Inman6 hours ago

    Ewan McGregor is incredible, I am absolutely mesmerized.

  • Richard Blackwell
    Richard Blackwell7 hours ago

    Nice nod to Lara Croft near the end......

  • Joenotaverage
    Joenotaverage7 hours ago

    I saw it on my Netflix feed and thought, I'd wait till I see Grace's reviews...🤣🤣, Glad I didn't watch it then.

  • Cclyn C
    Cclyn C7 hours ago

    The biggest issue for me was how much the characters argued with each other. I get that this conflict is central to the story, but it just felt like everyone hated each other. It made it difficult for me to care about the characters and their relationships because the show started off on such a sour note.

  • Derek Schulze
    Derek Schulze7 hours ago

    I liked the movie and had fun. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Paul Khyriem
    Paul Khyriem7 hours ago

    So simple...yet so good....among the best movie seen this year......Jolie...👍👍

  • Eric's Channel
    Eric's Channel7 hours ago

    You killed me with your Duck Tales comment!! LOL

  • Ismel C
    Ismel C7 hours ago

    nope 🔥🗑️🙅🏽‍♂️ I want my 1h:41m back 🔙 😂😂

  • Lolita Yayo
    Lolita Yayo7 hours ago

    I literally could not stop watching this show

  • SoulStylistJukeBox
    SoulStylistJukeBox7 hours ago

    I've given up on hoping for a convincing American accent from Ewan McGregor.

  • Gregg Ausserer
    Gregg Ausserer8 hours ago

    Not a bad movie, but a total waste of time - haha you crack me up Grace!

  • jesse gonzalez
    jesse gonzalez8 hours ago

    . Well, I enjoyed it. .

  • Brian Lee
    Brian Lee8 hours ago

    This movie wasn’t as dry as you make it. It’s not The Godfather. But it is a good afternoon matinee movie. The cast was ok and I think you might be shocked by its performance in the end.

  • Brian Lee
    Brian Lee8 hours ago

    I wouldn’t say this is NC-17. This isn’t Nymphomanic I-II or Henry and June. You don’t see explicit OPP in this series. I thought this was a good show. It was a good length of time. It shows the flaws and it wasn’t a reinvention of someone to make them appear greater. Evan should be recognized for his portrayal. I binged it in one sitting. I gave it a B.

  • Mr Mcgregor
    Mr Mcgregor8 hours ago

    Excellent viewing

  • roy bilekci
    roy bilekci8 hours ago

    it wasn’t that bad, it was just very predictable. you’ve given much better reviews for much worse movies.

  • Ashley Grady
    Ashley Grady8 hours ago

    Me: Oh boy. This was a real clunker. Grace: no shit, Sherlock! 😂😂😂

  • psgamer0199
    psgamer01998 hours ago

    I watched it last night and I wasn't disappointed because I wasn't expecting anything. I just wanted to watch a psychological thriller with Amy Adams and it was ok by me. Not all movie can be masterpieces lol

  • O_o O_o
    O_o O_o2 hours ago

    This. Also it wasnt superhero monster nonsense

  • Jonathan Jollimore
    Jonathan Jollimore8 hours ago

    I will check this one out

  • Grizmeyer
    Grizmeyer8 hours ago

    There's definitely some interesting nuggets in here. Like a cake with all the right ingredients, but it got taken out of the oven too soon